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29 January, 2015

Call me Raggs the Explorer

“So where are you off to now Pasighat?” asks My Mum chopping up onions beside me.

I am an Arunachali , but this part of my identity is resonating a lot more now that I’m living in the town for the long-term again. Discovering Places in Arunachal feels different to arriving in another foreign city for the first time: here is a place that I simultaneously know explicitly and don’t know at all. Arunachal is home, and always will be in some sense, even if I spend the next 1 year here and then head out again. My recent travel to Pasighat (5 hours drive from the town I live) took me by
surprise . The place is remarkable and I could be a potential story teller after my visit to Pasighat . Whilst I am busy saving pennies and planning for my next travel, I packed a bag and marched to Pasighat -Call me Raggs the Explorer now. I would drive 5 hours again to go visit 'The Siang River' The spot on blue sky and the prettiest  blue river wait ! I am still 'gasping' , it is just so B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.
and oh Yes !I finally learned to ride a bike on this trip, but also have scars from falling off the bike but I would wear these scars like a badge of courage, took me quarter life to learn  riding a bike Yall  . My trip to Pasighat was a great one , meeting new people along the way is the best part, but it comes with expiration date , so live the moment :)

Here are few pictures -

with love -

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