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28 December, 2014

A day with Elton in Mumbai

So I marched to Mumbai 'The city that never sleeps' and so does the people who dwells there. I am not yet converted to a city girl per say and in no means was geared up for the circus in the city yet , I rather sip my tea , read , sleep with a nice view of nature , wear my fuzzy socks , listen Jazz , make stew for the family . Okay I am thinking  I sound like a granny now or a lazy bee ? .
My trip to Mumbai was good but the makeup workshop  that I been to , was the cherry on top.The event was great and I learned few more tricks which I will share soon. Makeup Artist Elton J Fernandez glamed up all the ladies in the event. Elton looks beyond trends and showed  how to create effortless makeup that makes you look and feel good here are few pictures of the event.Merry Christmas yall and  Have a great new year  ahead :)

with love

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