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02 October, 2014

Brush Laundry Time

My love for  skin care and makeup products is no secret. Since your skin is the canvas  for everything so keeping it clean is My first step.
Clean Brushes are so important and if you use makeup  every day then You surely need to clean your brush once or twice in a week. Remember Hygiene is so important to get that flawless skin.I ran outta my makeup cleanser from Mac so thought to clean the brushes with whatever is available in my room. So my Loves Let the great work Commence 

-The first way is cleaning with any moisturizing soap bar 

                         Second way - Cleaning the Brush with Olive oil
                (Mostly for the lipstick or more rigid dirt residue on the brush )


 I wouldn't lie brush laundry  takes sweet amount of time and  in my list one of worlds bore -TO DO's but You need to devote time for  cleaning your brushes  because firstly for hygiene  and  second -the satisfaction you get with the result will definitely keep you inspired .I love DIY and would love to know how you clean your brushes .

Lotsa Love

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