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06 August, 2014

What day is it ?

*RANDOM SCRIBBLE * Everyday cant be exciting and if everyday is exciting then it would not be called
exciting because  excitement is not exciting when it happens everyday  oh! wait that's just me Because  I am not exciting so I define excitement in my words to make it exciting 
oh this Excitements !  W haaaaaa ? STAAPPPP Already !  
You might have forgotten me by now but trust me I was Mind blogging .. I am only getting started :)
There is Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday and everyone's fav Saturday (aah weekends are so over rated ) then My dads fav Sunday ( he gets to be with the family just saying I love my dad BAE ha ! awwwww you lil daddys gurllll  ) 
 But for People like me ( I mean  ofc not inconsistent + overly confuse+Mid twenty crisis  that's just me or feel free to join the club its for free ) but fashion slave + YouTube videos addicted+ Blogging for fun+photography, I mean Yaaannooo what I mean ye ? If you are in my blog then 'My friend we are in the same shit' :) - Fashioseltubepinshoblo Syndrome(Fashion+YouTube
+blogging+selfie+pin interest+shopping ) Yeah Prolly one of the best Syndrome in the world that  I am so chuffed to have it ..

So yeah People like You and Me have days like - Monday (Monday crush day ) Tuesday (Throw back Tuesday ) Thursday (Throw back Thursday )Friday ( Flash forward Friday ) :) Correct if I went wrong there or  Tell me what does these days stand for  in  your Dictionary ..
I am not doing any Throw back Tuesday but more like  Tuesday can you act like Sunday for once pls where I get to do my THANG ( my thing is reading any random novel and live inside my book and no one can see me ) So today is one of those self claim Sunday kind of the day 
 ------------- #NoMakeup#Jersey#fairylights#Music#Essie#Nails--------------------------------

I would love to chat to you about how you spend your Sunday Noon :)

Lotsa Love

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