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07 August, 2014

Lets Talk SPF

Life is better in the sun, hands down it is but Indian summer, Oh dear lord! I am already crispy brown with the sun burn no matter how  much SPF I slap on , I get this bad farmer tan which I don't fancy much eeekk!  But I recently started using this new KIEHL'S ultra light sunscreen SPF 50  --Ladies and Gentleman -'There is hope in this world' This SPF works.. It is actually the most powerful SPF I have ever owned .. You can check KIEHL'S website to see its properties.When You layer your skin with tons of products for-Anti-ageing ,Pigmentation,dehydration - Tell these products heres the thing - SPF is my baby and no ones gona  take its place until the end of time ;) I mean Until You decide You wana have wrinkles, leathery skin and dark spot .If  you are 20 , Honey get that SPF (any SPF available in your area ,bigger the number the better) This SPF is not greasy and blends very well and also acts like your primer which I am very chuffed about ..I layer it with Origins day cream .And since today I was going out for Lunch with my lil sister .. I decided to slap on these products and it worked very well :) Also I struggled 30 mins to decide what to wear #girl problem ..
 Lemme know if you like what I wore today and also what would you wear out for a lunch specially if You are in Itanagar (small town in India lil conservative ) 

CĂ©line Tee (eBay)  Shorts (Topshop) Bag (hNm) 

Buckle Flatform (Topshop) You are going to see this flatform a lot in this blog :) 

Lotsa love

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