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09 January, 2014

We can Never be Royal but these Products are surely the Queen B's

We can Never be Royals but these skincare products  that Imma tell you are surely the queen B's . Sorry folks I been MIA lately but U would be happy to know  the products that I am gona review about .  Its sweater whether and Our skin are screaming for Hydration . So let me begin at the beginning how something weird was at play with my skin . I have combo skin but lately its overly dry . I knew I have to step it up .. So lovers here we go


Ever heard of Rodial ?   I didnt until I got one 2 months back and hands down its been my fav since then ... I am like (making baby voice)
Oh Rodial why didnt u walk into my life before .. where have u been ??? WHoakay ! I am weird .. U see Imma skin care fanatic haha ..  I was in
Harvey nichols to get Emma hardie cleansing balm ..  Emma hardie cleanser has  been so famous among the youtoubers and it actually got me
to hunt it down ... but then again , I wanted to find something that has not been discovered yet but totally deserves the hype honestly  Emma hardie is love of many
 and its enjoying its  Popularity  but here's my baby 'Rodial'  give it a try lovers..
 Its an very effective cleansing balm that glides into your skin so smooth and melts away all the makeup . I am deeply in love the way it melts all my makeup away
 leaving my skin so baby smooth that I honestly cant keep my hands off haha .. I am in my early twenties now and love love how this helps preventing
wrinkles too (prevention lovers : )  this cleansing balm is the highest scorer in my skin care book and surely an A Lister ..
I also use this balm with Clearsonic and its ... (getting emotional )  AHMAZING ... 
The only thing that I dont fancy about it is .. they dont ship internationally (its an UK brand ) but You might want to check it again .. but there is always
eBay u know ! And yes folks it is high end cleanser .. but totally worth it.

Clarins and Origin are two brands that have gained so much of popularity and I say they totally deserve the love ! I recently got my hands to some of the Clarins
product . Some face oil , Cleanser and Moisturizer . I am still on trying the face oil and cleanser but there's this moisturizer I been slapping it on my face for 2 months
now and  its called Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Lotion SPF . It comes in a cream and lotion . I went for the lotion  . This prodcut  has
Ambiaty extract which provides nutrients to the skin and  have Uva and Uvb (love it ) My Chanel hydramax is surely very hydrating but wadda bummer no SPF any who .
 I  also mix quarter half of My VLCC SPF to Clarins day lotion , this does feel luxury to skin and little goes a long way . I have use this religiously after I cleanse
my face in the morning and I did see my lines getting smoother . 

Lovers this 3 products are my night skin regime  care  and of course after cleansing with Rodial and Clearsonic . There are skin care products and then there is Hydraluron Moisture Booster - This is the skin care base , basically glue between skin and anything hydrating . According to my research Hyaluronic acid is found in the body and is responsible for maintaining the top layer of the skin .This is naturally produce in our skin but sad part is our ability decreases as we age so yeah ! And lack of Hyaluronic leads to slower healing time and also risk of bacteria  leading to Monster Acne .. I am using this for 2 weeks now and I am defo keeping this forever
When u give it a go .. You will be happy because  it does what it say on the box .
So after Hyroluron I go for Origins it says its for combo /oily skin but Oh boy ! I have dry/combo skin but wanted to give it a go and M glad I did .. My thirsty skin was pretty happy and esp the ingredient it claims to have are yummmer .. Lychee extract watermelon extract and the rose of jericho.. Lemme tell u the results are good and I would defo recommend this .

And now again My baby Rodial .. I went for the travel size for the night cream coz the price of the original size gave me a heart attack .But since cleansing balm
did an Awesomtastic job I had an itch to get one more Rodial to my collection and Oh dear lord ! I am afraid I have to go and get the original size in sometime
because this night cream is good .. I mean really good .. It contains Retinol and vitamin C .It claims to work to
re texture and improve the uneven tone and pore size . I stopped using my clinic pore minimizer
to see if this actually does the job .. Of course it does not minimize my pore's
but I feel the pore's smoother . So Sadly I will have to drop clinics pore minimizer off the list when this night cream does it all .. Lovers Go get a travel size
and I reckon u will love it :)

Happy winter skin care and A very Happy new year :)

Lotsa Love-

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