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19 June, 2013

June Makeup Review

Hello ya'll ! So I am off to 'India' my homeland next month and I cant begin to express how excited I am to go back home after 2 years . So packing and shopping is all what I been busy with lately (which I love to do ) .. But since I have this little space in between where I can fill in my new post - what could be better then my June makeup review :)  So lets roll

High End products :

Bioderma -  Ladies and Gentlemen ( Gentlemen who loves makeup)  Have youuu met Bioderma yet ? Bioderma has been hot topic with  Bloggers and Vloggers makeup routine lately. Its called miracle in a bottle and Can you believe this Magic is real ? I tried it and that's the empty bottle in the picture above. I just ordered for bigger miracle in  bottle now . This is must have , I do disagree to the saying -this cleanser cleanses in one sweep , not one sweep but it does cleanse your skin so well and makes your skin feel so fresh and purifies it . It doesn't take time to soak off my makeup. I bought it on Ebay  for £13 .. I stick to super drug products mostly so this is little pricey for me for 250 ml   So My rating ★★★★☆

Benefit Total Moisturize and Its Potent Eye creme : Last Month I bought the Travel skin care kit from benefit to try on their skin care products . I love benefit but still struggling to put it to one of my top list products . Of all the product I tried on , I quite like the total moisturize and its potent eye creme . The moisturizer is fine but my skin tends to get really dry sometime and this moisturizer fails to hydrate my dry skin . If you are on oily side , it will work better for you . Just a little amount of the eye creme and moisturizer runs a long way .  My rating ★★

Giorgio Armani Maestro -You might be sick by now reading about Giorgio Armanis Maestro's review , I know I am late to the party . It was surely love at first use , when I tried this in the store . It went so smooth in my skin . It's so light that its almost not visible that You are wearing any makeup . What I love most about it is the incredible staying power . This sure has to be my one of the favorite foundation . It surely is not the best for coverage , I use thin layer but it is buildable .
My rating ★★★★☆

Elizabeth Arden  Visible Difference Good Morning Retexturizing Primer -  Primer has always been very Important to me , I used Macs prep and prim primer and wanted a wee change to look for better one and this Elizabeth Arden being my first skincare invest made a good stand  . The silicone base make the skin feels really smooth and does hold my makeup on for long time . Love how this product have skincare benefit of brightening the skin and have antioxidant to protect your skin from free radicals . But I am still trying to figure out retexurizing meaning to it since it doesnt actually help my skin to texturize . My rating ★★★☆

Hello Flawless  Oxygen WOW  - Hello flawless from benefit is oil free foundation and gives light-medium coverage.  I have combination skin and it works fine for me , Its neither the best nor the worst foundation  ( not worst at all but just not enough ) To me it almost give coverage of BB creme that I use from Nars . It didn't blow my mind but would surely use it in time of emergency or when I am out of my favorites foundations . It cost £25.00 which I think is pricey and I wouldn't re-purchase it . Nothing so Unique or catchy for me to re-purchase it . My rating ★★

Bourjous Helathy Mix Foundation and Bourjous Healthy mix Concealer -   Yes ! The fruit salad printed on the bottle did catch my eye at first and this has become my favorite super drug foundation of all time now . This is pretty big statement and I really swear by how Awesomatastic this super drug foundation is . It does give pretty decent coverage with natural finish .I must say I am pretty impressed by it being high street foundation  . On other hand the concealer did disappoint me , I tried it many times and every time I try it on , it makes my skin looks so dry not cakey though . I used it to cover my dark circle under my eye and it made it look kinda wrinkly . Thumbs up for foundation and so not purchasing the concealer again. My rating for the foundation ★★★☆☆ and no rating for the concealer :(

Revlon PhotoReady Blush - This is in color Pinched , I never tried creme blush and this happens to be my first and I am quite not happy with it and sure of not expanding my color collection for this . I saw lotsa good  reviews and so  tried it in the store , wasn't fan of it but anyway bought it to wear it on for longer time and see how it goes . It barely shows any color in skin and if it does my cheeks look somewhat dry . Sorry Revlon but wouldn't buy it again
PS: The color looks really pretty in the pan

Rimmel Sunshimmer bronzer - Did I hear shimmer ? because it barely shimmers but I do like how it shows colors in my skin but again the color disappears faster then other bronzers that I have used . I like how naturally it blends  into the skin and doesnt make it look fake tan . I use it for my face and body but  Hunting for better bronzer now .

Carmex Moiture Plus - I love carmex lip balms It Soothes, It Heals, It Protects" what's not to love? I have lost count of just how often I have harped on about Carmex, I adore the little yellow tins of waxy lip balm and I am seldom without at least one jar or tube .On the lips it feels, light hydrating and slightly cooling with a high sheen finish. Love it :)

I hope You survived till the last review since it was pretty long one , but since it was over due, thought to give a long shot :) Let me know if the review helps you for purchasing your next product or which product do you want me to review next .

with lotsa love -

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  1. Thank you for the post! I love healthy mix so I am really interested in trying the concealer, it could be really amazing if it will look as great as the foundation:) for choosing the right shade i would recommend you check out ps beauty and their it's really great if you're needing help finding a good colour match, like I do:)