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07 May, 2013

Tea or Coffee ??

Tea or coffee? I love the days like today when My biggest trouble is to choose what to opt for Tea or Coffee ? Earlier this Morning I was reading Lauren Conrads blog about a twenty year old girl must know . My reading wasn't complete because my heart got a lil bitter and I said to myself ..Damn Girl ! I am in my twenties  . Oh! Dear ,Coming from India , twenty year old is like a platform where you perform and people judge, in simple everyone's eyes are glued to you ,- your parents- your moms sister-her sisters brother -her brothers uncle-uncles friend-their friends neighbor .In my case the entire people I ever have known or even just said random Hi!
I hated school - Top reason , in my Senior high school I couldn't fit in .. The group I wanted to fit in , their wireless networks were locked and I didn't had the password ,so I smashed in any random group .
University I was this famous , smartest chick , who everyone wanted to hang out with , and BOYS ? oh don't even get me started with this .. All my fans 
I WISH ! haha . Coming from Asian background ,(warning) small breast always made me feel- I think I am still young because when girls in movies are in 20's they have this massive (warning) Breast ! ( to young head reading my blog .. well I warned you :p) oh! well world just don't revolve around the round boobies there's
lot more to growing up like ( Massive warning ) having to listen your friend having sex next room .
I am 23 now , and what majorly I remember at this point is
* D- friending people from facebook ,people too wild for my timeline 
* watching New girl and re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ( Ross: (About Joey's finger in his mouth)What is that taste?
Joey: What? My hands are totally clean, I just gave the duck a bath )  Oh well Joey rocks ! 
*Taking membership in the gym and showing up once in a month , and that one day what I do is
figuring out how everything works , Do I run ? Is the guy behind me watching
my arse ?  Omg she is so hot . I better just not eat the protein bar and drink sugar . GET OVER YOURSELF my mind yells ..  Ah! here I go  sweated a wee bit ( feeling mission accomplished and already feeling slim )
I promise I am going to come everyday to the gym (goes home and add things to do ' GO TO GYM '  in my notebook )
Next day - Gym ? nahhh not really !
Oh dear ! I better not begin how it feels like to be in my twenties .. so where was I ? Tea or coffee ?

Well Fancy knowing what I opted for   ? ?   ?  ?  ? 

Fresh Juice  ...   I am going for 12 days juice diet or smoothie diet . I will soon share you after picture :)  . I hope I just don't eat Crisp for breakfast on day 3 juice diet 'Finger cross fella's ! 

Mucho Love

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