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16 May, 2013

I am going Eatomaniac

I can Vouch I am a true eBay Lover . I Ventured in to the city early this morning , walked into 2-3 books store but Fail to find the book I was looking for -Lauren Conrad's book :) . So, finally I bought it on eBay - eBay- You are my hero !! eBAY is like my secret BFF ..  Oh Ok calm down now (talking to myself)  . 

There are some lovely time when My BF surprises me with yummylious food  , he does know how to make me fall harder for him and there are some A.W.K.W.A.R.D.  times when I surprise my BF with my cooking
Me:  Surprise surprise baby .. I cooked u some food
him:  Erm oookk ! Yayy !!
me:  Tadahhhhhh ... taste it love
him: chop chop chop .. yeah ! good but Honey No surprises next time because thats my job
me: (Tasting the food) Ermm yup ! 

Oh dear !!!

So I started learning how to cook to impress my man , taking cook books and trying Jamie Oliver's and Gordon Ramsay's recipe and I wouldn't say this  6-7 months back But I am getting the hang of it , so today I went Eatomaniac ( I know that's not a work but I guess now it is )  in my kitchen  ... I am sharing you the recipe and Do not  be scared I can cook a wee bit now :)

I Love crunchiness in my salad so baked croutons and nuts are way to go .. This salad is too good not to share , here are the Ingredients :

Mix Salad with walnuts
Mix Leaf of your choice
 Balsamic Vinegar
Blue cheese
Red wine Vinegar
Olive Oil
Juice of Orange
Baked Croutons 

Fruits in my salad are key to delicious salad for me 

Spinach with Blackberry
Mozzarella Cheese

Red wine Vinegar 

 If I were a bar tender I would surely create some healthy drink , because when I am off to bar with friends I am not always Like - Yaww! Bring me a drink ( Lol I exaggerated a lot , like i am now ) The point is I don't go bar to only have alcohol , so Healthy refreshing drink is must in the bar ...

                                                             Mix Ice tea with raw honey

Green tea
Red berry tea ( its yummy and give gorgeous color)
Raw Honey
Lime Juice
Grape Fruit Juice

I Hope You will like it like I do 

Mucho Love

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