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16 March, 2013

This Lil Lady went to London

Hi Love !  How Y'all been ?  I  am just back from  my Vacay and here  I am to start offering Little write ups on my little escape away from Edinburgh to London city . You see these are the pretty lil things of Life I enjoy the most like - Traveling , and oh ! I thought T'was  official – that Spring is on its way . One of the major reason why I enjoy March mostly is because I get to pack all my Faux furs, Scarfs and all boring long sleeves in  and I like to feel we can all relax in the knowledge that the harshest days of winter are (probably) behind us, and that soon we’ll be surrounded by all the loveliness that
 is ' Spring' . Little flowers will start poking their heads through the muddy ground, sunshine will become the norm, rather than a surprise, and if we’re lucky? The temperature may start to rise too, but I am not surprise  that English weather is still freezing and to add it more it was snowing whilst my visit to London . But I was aware When I bid India bye for UK I traded my Chappals for boots, Sunglasses for Umbrella,and list goes on . My escape to London was Fantabulous . London being Prized one of the fashion city in the world , T'was my dream place ... And Now I adore the
wee feeling within me of life being close to complete (chuckles ) .. One of my favorite thing to do in London apart from being true tourist and exploring places  -'I loved people watching '... Its official that for Londoners  Dressing is fine art . As I run the city in my Lita's what fascinated me the most was the Epic red buses running around the city with Dramatic architecture . Every corner of London can be pictured in a frame its that Beautiful .The tube in London was little over whelming for me I felt the tube does help Londoners from city's hellish congestion (that's the vibe I picked up ) but sometime it feels more like we are trapped in its claustrophobic clutches,stuck in a tunnel . But trying to keep up my New year resolution- See good in everything - I pictured in a city as smartly dressed as London, even the tube can sometimes look like a fashion show..  Of all the places I visited in London these were two of my fav place - Camden Market - This place defines the word COOL .. It has to be the coolest place I've ever set my foot on .
Warner brothers tour for Harry potter - TBH I didn't read any of Harry potter books .. Yeah! I get booed a lotta time for this esp My bf being Hard core potter fan but Since I watched
all the movies .. everything was so unreal to watch what all I exactly saw in the movie .. to good to be true
As much as I love fashion and the city of fashion London . I am so delighted to be back to Scots land ... its so much peace and homely here .. London is massive and
has so much to offer but I don't regret to choose to study here in Edinburgh then in London ... I see myself in fun and madness of London someday but Right now I am so happy to dwell in the land of Scot's ...

With Love-
Ragg's !!

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