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14 February, 2013

Love Stoned

Happy Valentines day My lovelies ...Isn't Love so Grand ? Who wouldn't love to be loved :) .. If you are attached or not Valentines day is all about Loving your loved ones .. My fav is My dad and my lil sister ..But I remember myself as a teenager .. I would be so cross for not having a date ..But I would guess now , it wasn't about having a date but more about the hallmark cards , rose's ,and chocolates that my friends would get . The whole year I would  not at all care about having one
but only on 14th Feb . I giggle to myself now thinking about it  .Growing up as a kid,I was always at war with the boys .Cant exactly recall the reason but I am sure it was an intense one haha ..

So how did I spend this valentines day ?

The Morning began with me making a simple but valentiny (is that a word ? ) breakfast in bed  for him,and got ready to venture into the city . The city looked more lovely today , not being cliche but watching all the couples on the street with flowers and smiles on their face's just makes my day even better . And If I could I would have put more of Valentines day on the calendar .. So yeah ! Me and Sukul went on a shopping expedition but wallet-friendly alternatives since I am saving lil money for my trip to London... I didn't wanted any extravagant dinner reservations .. or get 1000 of Rose's
,not that I don't fancy it but I wanted to have more laid back valentines day with him ..
These are some of the pictures from today and some of the pictures I heart :)

Did You watched  Tom Fletcher's wedding speech ?   Amaze ball is the word ..

With Love

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