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16 January, 2013

My sweet Jan collection

Ladies and Gentlemen , here I am with my January Favorite collections and I cant wait to leave my feedback's , so excited .Lets get started already .


* I remember me bragging about Clinique Pore Refining  about 5-6 months back and no wonder its still my favorite . I have wee pores on the lower bridge of my nose and on my cheeks , and  I cant begin to tell you how improved my skin is  but You have to religiously apply this . So my ratings is still ★★★★☆ for this 

*Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is still my favorite foundation and I never replace it , but this time I have almost as favorite as Vitalumiere ,Estée Lauder's  double wear .. well double wear to me sounded like cakey foundation where people can actually find out how much foundation you have on , who doesnt like make up ?? But the trick is to make it look really natural ..  To say I love this foundation from Estee laudar is an understatement . Double Wear is the longest lasting foundation I've ever tried.  My skin is a real combination of oily, normal and dry patches, so foundations don't  get easy ride with me.The best way to apply this foundation for me is using the sponge ( yes sponge sucks most of your foundation away but it gives flawless effect ) I would rate this ★★★★☆ too 

*And the third on the picture is Estée Lauder Witty Peach Satin blush .. O my Gawwwdddd look at that beauty .. it was lush at first sight , I love love love this blush , its soooo natural . I have my friends at my work asking me always .. ah is that you naturally blushing all the time ? . It is little chalky but when it comes to skin it blends beautifully .The only nahh about this is , its little difficult to open . I remember when I was talking about it to my friends and it took me like few minutes to open this compact (awkward)  and now the rating time .. I guess ★★★★☆ is fair though I love this blush its not very pigmented .

 * Well Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a cult favorite and beauty must have . I love how it is a  multi-tasker , I use it for my crack lips , dry elbows,cuticles. I read so much about it and hands down this is worth the hype . Do you also have make free day like me ? Usually when I am off from work lazing around at my flat , I am with my moisturizer and I apply this cream on my eye lids for the sheen . It actually looks good :) . So I would rate this  ★★★★☆

 * Diorskin Nude compact is said to be versatile , It can be use as both foundation and as settling powder . It has mother of pearls micro particle for the satin and radient finish . It comes with luxury velvet pouch with brush and sponge . So do I like it ?  Personally I felt it was too dry for me . I tried it to use as foundation but didnt give me any coverage .It is nice settling powder but I wouldn't repurchase it . I would rate it ★★☆ .

 *If  You read my previous post , You might be aware my love for Moroccan oil .  Needless to say how great it is , let me introduce you to new to my hair products family 'TRESemmee  heat defense ' I love how cheap it is and available everywhere and yet does awesome job . I am hair junkie and this surely comes to rescue my hair after Moroccan oil . I use Tresemme heat defense when my hairs are still damp and apply Moroccan oil when my hair is partially dry . I curl my hair every twice in a week straighten it every day , and yet I have healthy and shiny hair :) O la la .. let me know how it works for you . My rating for this is  ★★★★☆


*Estee Lauder  Day creme is light weight and cucumber scented , it has SPF 15 which is really nice but does it hydrated my skin ?  I am sad to say but No .. it does not , It is expensive and does not at all WOW me . I kinda don't appreciate the packaging too . It says perfectly hydrated and powerfully protected in its site but personally I would have to disagree . I use Chanel hydrating creme for so long now and needed a change
and this was surely not the right one to replace . My rating
* On the right side of the picture is Deadsea spa magik cream . I bought one for night and the other moisturizing cream for day . And I must say I am in love with this . I bought this from Holland and Barrett just to try it . It cost me  £8 , Prolly the cheapest hydrating creme I ever bought and I am so impressed . It actually does hydrates my skin , FYI its -temperature in Scotland now :) and this creme works . This is non-greasy and the moment you apply this on your skin , it smoothens it beautifully . I recommended lots of my friends to get this and till date no one dislikes it .. yayy !! I would rate it
 to be continue -----------------------

 Let me know what you think about these products :)

Lotsa love


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