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02 December, 2012

BB creme or Tinted Moiturizer ?

whats the deal between BB creme and Tinted moisturizer ?  I read many magazines and beauty guru's talking about it , I wanted to have my own original
opinion about it . To be fair I thought it was the same thing but different words , But hell no , its not  - 'BB Creams are similar to tinted moisturizers but
 are more of an "all in one" product that work as primers, skincare treatments, correctors and foundations all in one. Tinted moisturizers just provide
hydration and a sheer coverage of color to the skin, primarily to even out the skin tone. BB Creams actually help hydrate and moisturize, can help to
 strengthen and smooth while providing anti oxidant protection etc and are
 more beneficial -
ps- not My words , but according to  Cosmopolitan megazine and many beauty bloggers . SoI bought two of the products

N7 BB creme and Nars tinted moisturizer -- To be honest I don't know whats the hype about BB creme , This is my second BB creme after Garnier .Don't even get me started on with Garniers BB creme , it just started sliding off my face . I really wanted to like this product after its good review but ended up giving a boo . This product is definitely not a winner in my book .  I used this for my work and It just felt so greasy and not to forget  it doesn't give any coverage too . 

Nars tinted Moisturizer -- Boy I am so thankful that I had luck with tinted moisturizer , I use this for my work everyday and it last me at least 6-7 hours . This gives my skin a fair amout of coverage , and not heavy like foundations . It surely does blend into my skin beautifully and keeps my skin hydrated and dewy . I started trusting Nars a lot more after thier tinted moiturizer . I am using this product for 4 months now . These comes in 9 shades and I use st.Moritz in medium . Its wee darker for my skin but it doesnt have to be exact becasue  they are supposedly meant to be  sheer. I am sold to this product

And Tadaaaahhhh I bought two of these :)

with love-

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