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07 December, 2012

Moustache Spotlight

'Movember' is gone but not the spotlight of Moustache .  Movember was new to me this year , such a shame I wasn't aware of it , if you still aint aware what it is .. lemme explain what Movember is about , its basically a month dedicated to awareness of male cancer and raise money . Men grow their  facial hair to perfection ( and in some case not )  Men everywhere grow their taches :) ...  What a great cause nay ? You must have noticed how Moustache have taken over the year 2012 :) emblem of fun, character and fashion’s latest whimsical best friend . I called in sick today at work , not feeling my best so I did this DIY Moustache nail :) . I must admit I didnt move an inch from my bed making this  nail hahaha ..  


With Love

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