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02 October, 2012

The birthday That I never planned continues ...

The Music played 'Happy birthday Unnoo' And I actually don't appreciate surprises much but it was a good one :) . I snoozed off later and When I was up , Pia and
her friend Lenny who was staying at ours for sometime , knocked my door . We had a wee chat and it was already 6 pm . Sukul was at work but he came early around 7:30 .
I was at my room , and they kept me busy telling stories and I like talking a lot , so I was doing my thing and whilst me talking and not knowing what was happening .
Sukul told me Pia wanted me in living room and when I walked in .. another surprise .. This time it was the stuff I was scared of , the balloons, the cakes, the party pop,
the candles , and people singing happy birthday to me .It all happened when I was busy telling stories to Lenny . And Pia is Amaze ball for me because she baked 2 cakes
for me , and Sukul bought me another , so yeah ! I had 3 cakes for my 23rd ... And Like I planned quiet birthday , it turned out that we were going out to party for my
23rd . We marched to Whitle binkies live music , the place me n Sukul says we made it famous (giggles) . Whistle binkies is not fancy place , with not much fancy people
and No one to judge what you are wearing that night , all you do is have fun :) . So that's how My 23rd birthday rolled . Let me know about your birthday plans and how you spent it too :)

Mucho Love


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