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02 October, 2012

The Birthday that I never planned

Hello lovers !! I apologize to be away for so long now . But wait I have reasons and reasons that are valid .. I have got good news and bad news .. Good news I finally got a job now and bad news is that My laptop broke down ... But now I am back and I have bucket full of things to update . 14th of September was my birthday , where i turn 23 (ouch !! ) Being such a child inside my head I couldn't believe I am 23 now , Some old lady's soul went inside me and I said to myself - Oh !! I am 23 now , let me have very very (literally very ) quiet birthday . I first went to the mother of all public gossip - Face book to delete my birthday from anyone seeing my bday .. I had a plan for my birthday like I said in my previous post how much I love to make plans .. no matter if it works out or not ... just the thinking of making plans excites me. Alrighty !! So the plan was -- I go to work in the morning and be back by 3 pm and have a nice meal with my friends at home . SO this is how it went

2:30 Pm --
Sukul  'hey I know you don't wana announce it's your bday but I have tiny winy surprise for you

raggs : Woot but baby I told you no gifts or surprise pls !!

Sukul : well .. its very small so dont be bothered .

raggs : erm .. kool !! And no more surprise pls ..

3:30 pm

I reached my flat .. as i unlock my key for the main door .. m just praying pls no balloons or rose's . I don't want any Chanel perfume or more Lita's .
I just wanted it to be  simple this time . I opened the main door , and I said : Ah!! Great nothing , i reach near the door to my room , there is a small note written -
welcome Unno (the name he calls me ) , As i open my door , the room is squeaky clean and there is note every where . I always get exhausted from my work and
Sukul knowing the fact I don't want any materialistic stuff this time , he gifted me comfort :) yes !! there was note everywhere and Like a child in candy shop I was
overwhelmed with joy what he did .I have posted pictures of everything ...

                                       This was the note he left me on my Door 

I was so glad how he knew my everyday routine and kept all the stuffs where i keep , I was so busy at work that my stuffs were all laying on the floor , he kept it all back to where it belonged .

He selected my most comfy wear and his chappal ( where I am most comfortable in , though he says I look like penguin when I am in his chappal , but penguins are cute right ?? ) for me .

I use to read lot of love stories in my childhood and listening Sukul telling me I look beautiful everyday makes me feel like living in my love stories :) 

And My broken laptop here , we had massive fight few days back where My laptop got dropped unintentionally :( I miss my laptop 

He made me  cocktail and made me heart pineapple with some chocolates 

And as I finished looking around , I went to the bed with the cocktail and  baammm !!! The music plays Happy birthday Unnoo .. it was lovely 

The birthday post is to be continued ... I hope You enjoyed till here

Mucho Love

Raggs !!

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