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02 August, 2012

wunderschönes Kleid

Wunderschönes Kleid which means beautiful dress in German , I have a German flatmate and she is such a sweet heart ( Sorry couldn't help it ) , so trying to learn few words in German ,don't be surprise if my next post will be written in German , ha! I wish . And this is how I came up with this name for the post and I agree I couldn't have come up with better name , since I am in love love love with my Vicky black dress . It's perfect for Prom night , I wore this dress for my graduation ,I know its too much attention calling for Graduation day but This was the only LBD  I had .These dress is what I call Work in front and party in the back .  You can also buy this dress in topshop and  Jones and Jones . Jones and Jones has always been very close to my heart ' Precious' !! I paired it with my buckle up platform from Nasty Gal .  I accessorized it with vintage rose ring and some mixed arm candy .


With love


  1. This is probably the most beautyful dress i've seen since i came to Edinburgh! :) And it really makes me jealous to be honest ;)

  2. Awesome, beautiful!!!!! Love everything about the pic...the dress, the shoe,!

  3. very pretty dress.. both sexy and innoccently cute.. alot fo heads will turn indeed