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22 June, 2012

DIY Eyewear Summer Round 2

If I have ever have to choose between Makeup and Sunnies , with no second thought Sunnies gona win the show, My love for Sunnies was first sight love , I remember wearing cheap Sunnies from road side during some festivals back in India and thought I looked kool and I think I did . My Love for Sunnies are sky high now and  therefore pretty decent number of Best Sunnies  I own . These Prada  look alike Sunnies I got it from ebay and I made the full use of it while my stay in Mauritius . Like many girls, traditionally don't like repeating their dress's , I try to re-cycle the things by the magical work 'MAKE-OVER'  .

I played with only the Frame , You can try temples till ear piece . Explore and Have fun .. These Sunnies are ready for Spring  and  Summer Round 2 .

With love


  1. Excellent!! i wonder how u think of it...:D

  2. DIYs on different hairstyles too :) we love what u do with your hair! <3