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18 April, 2012

Because I am ADDICTED

Beauties !   Mathematics was never my forte but how about some fashionmatic's ? For instance   ' Accessories +  Inexpensive outfit = Interesting wear '  and thats when I say   "VOILA" ( in my Italian friends accent )  . Fashionmatic's makes so much sense then solving 'PROBLEMS' in mathematics . It's totally different story that I always flunked in my school days in maths .. Well I know many girls (almost) who like to have their very own collection of accessories from vintage to contemporary, be it small or big collection . I have mine too , and here's few ---

Love Ragg's


  1. nice one .. I would love to see your head piece collection too :)

  2. Wooooowww some pretty stuff u have there.. I still live in the Bronze ages.. rofl.. ZERO sense about fashion... Pathetic i'm hahaha