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11 March, 2012

My March Review

                                             My rating: ★★★
          I am absolutely in love with these products- Moroccan oil , Chanel hydra active, Clinique Pore refining solution . I have used it long enough to recommend  to someone now. With the change of season ,Changes the color of my hair, I'm a hair freak and do all kind of styling , restyling and more styling . I stay in Scotland and the weather here can get brutally cold which makes ma hair brittle and super dry and MOROCCAN OIL surely came to rescue , It cost me £35 and  I can never regret spending money on this .
  •         Chanel hydra active comes in creme , lotion and gel ,I prefer creme. Second thought wasn't enough ,it took me  atleast 1 month  of my own research and finally decided to get one. It cost me £45 and I swear to beauty of god this creme does justice to every penny it cost me.
  •         Clinique pore refining solution is my favorite and I am down to last drop now . I couldn't be prouder to get some best product . It gives that perfect silky , matte canvas to the skin . It cost me £35 and I wouldn't mind to spend on these product then buying something that does nothing or damages my pore's !
 My rating: ★★★★☆
  •  'ROCKAHOLIC'  hair spray  'hands down' best spray , I have thin hair and other sprays makes ma hair crispy and dry .. and fun part it smells so sweet yumm ... 
  • Mac prep prime - the best thing about this primer is , it provides ' SPF 50 ' yes SPF 50 and not at all oily . It keeps my face matte all day . But I would surely give other primer a chance , just to make sure this is one of the best primer .
  • Mac shimmer  blush -  I love all the blushes from Mac . It stays really long and comes in so many colors to choose from . 
  • Argon oil  Does almost the same work as Moroccan oil . I bet this is going to work for many . I have some major issue with my hair so needed that extra work . But this product almost succeeded to make my hair behaved . It's in all the drug store costing just £ 11 .

 My rating: ★★★★☆
I'm in Love with lush Soap esp 'the heart shaped one ', It's called 'the sweet heart ' It was limited edition for valentines . It's Shaped like a giant love heart, the soap is made of luxurious jasmine, mandarin and vanilla for silky, scented skin .. 
  • The one in pink and white is the Bubble bar , Its lil pricey and disappointing coz it's scent doesn't last that long. Its surely not bad but not my  favorite too .
  • The butter ball which looks like a white ball is one of my all time favorite . As much as I love the Lush bath bombs, I find that they usually smell good in the water and on me for a few hours . 
  • And the 4th one , to be honest did nothing to my skin so I hardly remember its name too.

 I wouldn't  like to rate these one but  this are the products I would never buy again  or the products that highly disappointed me . From right to left -
  • Clearasil pore cleansing pads that dried  out my skin so bad and its strong alcohol smell doesn't make me wana use it on my skin . It's too harsh and I would never purchase this again.
  • Garnier BB creme - BB creme are hyped so much so, I was excited to see BB creme from Garnier but it disappointed me. Its just so oily and My skin tends to break out .
  • Kerastase Volume Active and Kerastase Climent Thermique - It's surely not bad product but its pricey and  does the same work like any other good drug store product . 
  • Lush Ean Roma Water and Lush Skin Drink - I read tons of good reviews about it but to be honest it dried my out skin and I got some lines on my face . Never buying this again
  • Clinique Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion - Another hyped product that didn't work for me at all . It surely didn't do bad to my skin but actually did nothing .

With Love Ragg's 


  1. thank u so much , I been wondering to buy chanel hydra active or not . Will surely try now .

  2. I love lush too .. and i bought the heart shaped soap .. didnt remember the name . But it smells so good i just love it

  3. ANyi good work :)

  4. Great work dear!!
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