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15 February, 2012

Your love keeps me high !

I feel shy telling people 'my blog'  coz what I do in my blog is post my pictures and write about things what i feel is right to me  .. posting pictures of oneself doesn't always sounds right to many and specially when I say them yes I click my pictures from the self timer .. self obsess word pops out ! And I wonder why was self timer function at first place introduced then ?? 
      well I was raised in the place where marching to school only sounded perfectly right and where fashion sounded superficial . But I know its time for me to stop thinking what people have to comment and think about my personal life and do what I do !! So its February.. and yes the Facebook world didn't spare me to know weather its chocolate day - hug day- promise day and it gets lil corny kiss day ! One of the things I am best at is making plans ! I make plans when i have a bad time .. I make plans when i am bored I see making plan like mapping the route out through the shite holes i created for myself . I can plan for the 5 years and plan for the next minute too. how I planned my valentines day was-
- Going to Arthur seat in the morning   ( Reason- lately I been into few novels and  romantic movies - One day by David Nicholas happen to be one , the story about Dexter and Emma -WAIT! why do all pretty girls have the name Emma ?? Anyways - I lived in this city Edinburgh for more then a year now and I bothered less to hill walk the Arthur's seat, but now I want to .. the way Arthur seat was shown in the movie changed the way I see it everyday .. I shared this with Sukul my boyfriend and he felt it was surely not one of the best of my plan since its very chilly here and we cant hill walk it pretending its spring .. Agreed! so I crossed marked it but i still say I could pretend its spring at-least its one way to fight back the urge to scream every time i feel the coldest wind on ma face .. I lived long enough in this city to expect this sort of things from mother nature but oh come on! Enough is enough my hair already feels like a straw and any cow would fancy chewing it-  its dry to death .

-Going for fine lunch

-Have a pleasant stroll in the city

-End up at the live band bar tossing to this 2 year and 6 months relationship with Sukul :)

           SO did the plan get executed ? Not exactly but how it got played was -

- I felt sick in the morning and had to march back home early from work

-Sukul surprises me, asking me out for the movie- The vow   ( Rachel McAdams and channing Tatum is like watching notebook and dear john in new avatar ! I loved the movie and would surely recommend to others .. The best part of the movie was when Rachel mc Adams wears the Zara brown leather jacket .. coz I own the exact one .. I couldn't help to whisper at-least 5 times to sukul -- My jacket my jacket !

Valentines Dinner

-Fine lunch where i had king prawn fajitas and number of cocktails ( i ordered fajitas recalling one of the best episode from my and everyone's fav TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S .. the episode where Ross invites Rachel and joey for dinner and cooks fajitas for the awkward couples night )

     later Sukul had to run to his work since after all the effort he didn't get a off that day ... but I would say we did  justice to  Saint valentines day :)


with love Ragg's :)

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