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06 February, 2012

Loose Yourself

I can’t begin to express how I feel  telling this is my officially day 1 here.. I created this blog last year but it remained to just created and NO ACTION but boy I decided to write now on … SO m Raggs! 22 year old and proclaims my life hopeless! I love fashion.. Messing up with makeup but surprisingly  it turns out to be good sometime..And yes! I do walk like a robot on the streets sometime to get a outfit posts and takes awful webcam pictures when I lay on my bed like a sentenced.. I am sorry I’m little dramatic when it comes to ‘explain life’ scene, my life may not exactly be in order But I guess- I am not alone!!  I don’t panic because isn’t 22 still young to get panicked? Here’s top 5 big plan of the year 

  • Take a holiday in March
  • 5 shoes for the whole year
  •  No PDF with Sukul in Facebook (pdf= public display fight . sukul= my bf)
  • be surrounded by positive people
  • Get back to shape

    with love
    -Raggs :)

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